Kshitij Logo by Vaibbhavi P

The dilemma of nature versus nurture, the city skyline changes rapidly where the buildings taller than the trees take up the green cover for the growing need of housing and commercial spaces in cities. Water bodies natural and artificial bring in fluidity in a man made space reaching skywards creating blocks of a geometric grid in the backdrop of pristine greenery and slowly transforming into concrete and glass jungles. Its pertinent to be mindful and strike a balance. 

Kshitij collection is  about the handwoven juxtapose; nature and the city skyline. 

The laborious process of handwoven garments invoves hand spinning and handloom weaving; thus the handwoven fabric provides employment to thousands of rural skilled artisans without displacing them from villages. The colour pallet includes the range of blues from midnight to azure, deep purple, dusky browns and beige, clear white, lush green with accent of yellow and oranges in the intrinsic texture. Surface textures enhanced by quilting & applique to upcycle the fabric scraps in geometric lines of the city scape and organic of nature juxtaposed together add minimal and frugal detail. 

The silhouettes for Kshitij collection are easy box fits, raglan and Kimono sleeve tunics, tops, and bifurcates layered  with asymmetric jackets.