As a slow fashion label we are strongly committed to provide sustainable livelihoods to our weaver community and also bring new adaptations of the heritage Handloom weaves to create contemporary fusion fashion lines and provide responsible fashion solutions in today’s world.

Handloom Weaver
Vaibbhavi P with Handloom Weaver

Awareness about the slow process involved in making the handmade clothes brings an appreciation for the people and skills involved; therefore, the inherent value it holds for the maker (crafts persons, designers, pattern-makers, tailors etc) as well as the actual garment which is an outcome of love and hard work. 

The wearers who have embraced practices of mindful consumption and slow fashion do realize the value of investing in handmade clothes which give the comfort of wearing for longer hours and wearing it often, easy maintenance and aftercare. 

Easy to breathe handwoven fabrics translated in relaxed fit silhouettes encompass trans-seasonal layering for lasting slow and comfortable fashion.

Our Slow Fashionistas

I purchased a beautiful reversible top and handwoven, hand-dyed scarf from Vaibbhavi P, and I absolutely love wearing both pieces. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and I appreciate the efforts they put into creating sustainable and eco - friendly fashion.
Tanya Raj Bajaj wearing Vaibbhavi P design
Tanya Raj Bajaj
I am wearing this lovely Vaibbhavi P design. It is wonderful sky blue & gold Maheshwari Saree. It feels so comfortable and looks so elegant. I love it!
Divya Seth Shah wearing Vaibbhavi P saree
Divya Seth Shah
Vaibbhavi P collection is unique, stylish, beautiful colour combination. Waiting for new collection.
Priyanka Jain
Head HR
Incredible quality, Outstanding comfort with affordable prices.
Hats off to Vaibbhavi P,
who is doing this job very religiously.
Oorja Makkad wearing Vaibbhavi P
Oorja Makkad

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Sustainability in fashion can be achieved in a threefold manner, environmental, craft and economic sustenance. Endeavor to cause minimal negative impact to the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling the products. The Heritage and legacy of the craft traditions needs to be revived by finding better market demand and product diversification, this requires creating better economic models and providing economic sustenance to all stakeholders in the value chain.
Good quality clothes require patience as it takes time! The natural cotton fiber grown by the hard working farmers, spun by hand into a magical length of yarn, which is further woven into a splendid fabric by the accomplished weavers, dyed to blissful hues by the gifted dyers. Subsequently pattern cut, draped and sewn by dexterous hands and eyes; to translate the two dimensional fabric to the real three dimensional garment.

After the garment which is created by collective efforts of so many people and multiple resources, is no longer useful it is disposed; it is either reused which then gets bio- degraded, worse if made of synthetic fabrics does not even get bio-degraded and adds to the landfill. Immaculate design intervention at every stage from farm to grave is essential to make the lifecycle of the clothes meaningful to all people who make it and wear it and cause minimal adverse impact on environment for sustainable future while enjoying the current fashion responsibly!
Cotton being the cellulosic fiber is best suited to humid Indian tropical weather in the Gangetic belt or the coastal regions. The cotton fiber when spun in a magical yarn, when further woven in a timeless fabric provides a beautiful texture and spectacular insulation to regulate the body temperature in summers as well as winter season.
These products are hand crafted and slight variation in color and texture is inherent, which is the unique characteristic of the hand woven and printed textiles. The clothes need special care in washing and Dry clean is recommended.
If you have a specific requirement other than the available collection, we offer customization in design and size on request.
Its depends on type of customized designs you required. Roughly it will take 6-8 days.

No, for now there is no cash on delivery available.