Vaibbhavi P - A leading Slow Fashion Label


Vaibbhavi P is an eponymous designer label based on the slow fashion philosophy.

The designer explores the rich heritage of Indian textile treasures and translates them to contemporary fusion lines suitable for smart everyday looks.

The artisanal luxury and minimalism are the aesthetic directions in our designs. These designs are for mindful and free spirted individuals. These liberated individualists depict their own style and mood of the moment through their clothes. We make clothes with a lot of love for the maker, Wearer and the Earth.



What does our logo stand for?

Chevron – The free flowing and continuous form of the chevron pattern in the symbol is representation of the constant movement of the yarn on the loom woven fabric and shows the persistent endeavor to spread the word for slow fashion and urging people to pause for fashion.

Balance and infinity -The infinite possibilities of a creative pursuit to bring a balance between the Indian heritage textiles and contemporary silhouettes for the glocal Indians. Balancing the silhouette, color, detailing and texture with the minimalism that urges one to pause for fashion.

Indigo Blue – The Indigo Blue color association is for the peace and tranquility that is symbolic of the pause for fashion philosophy of our slow fashion label. Indigo is derived from nature and manifests itself in varied hues. The blue also signifies the freedom and ease and flexibility that the air symbolizes.