Maach by Vaibbhavi P

Rays of light glimmering in deep blue sea as the tropical fish with their striped bodies swim along the water waves and flow of life continues. Bright sunshine brings in new hope, makes one look forward while deciphering the black from the white, spontaneously discovering the silvery grey (Rupehri) and warmth of the yellow sunshine (Suhneri).

The disappearance of several species for fish and overall damage to marine life and oceans due to overfishing, pollution, habitat loss, and climate change is a grave matter. We would like to raise awareness towards conservation of marine life and the fish through the Maach collection.

Our slow fashion de-tour takes us to our co- creators the dexterous handloom weavers from state of West Bengal, we share fondness for the fish motif and gossamer handloom cotton Begumpuri weaves.

The soft hand-woven indigenous Bengal cotton (taant- Weave in Bangla language) spun into beautiful fine yarn and handwoven in such delicate yet durable fabric.

This fabric drapes beautifully in free-flowing relaxed silhouette much like the crisp dhotis and saris of Bengal.

The vintage ruched sari-blouses of the Bengali women bear a resemblance to the fluttering fins of the Maach- fish and serve an apt inspiration for ruching, crisp pleating and fine tailoring.